Downtown San Jacinto Specific Plan

Welcome to the City of San Jacinto’s website for the Downtown San Jacinto Specific Plan. Through funding from the State of California’s Strategic Growth Council, the City of San Jacinto is beginning a community-based planning process to create the Downtown San Jacinto Specific Plan. This plan will provide long-term guidance for positive growth and change to enhance the quality of life in San Jacinto, and will also include the development of a new General Plan Health Element to establish a broad policy framework with the goal of improving the health and wellness of San Jacinto residents.

The Specific Plan will establish a vibrant, interconnected family-oriented environment that reinforces and compliments reuse, revitalization and community health.

The Specific Plan will contribute to:

  • Creation of a mixed use, compact and multi-modal environment;
  • Promotion of sustainable principles in design and development;
  • Enhancement of the pedestrian scale and function of the built environment;
  • Establishment of a complementary mix of cultural uses, public spaces and outdoor activities;
  • Stronger connections with local neighborhoods and connectivity with mobility options;
  • Promoting a family-oriented, culturally-enriched healthy lifestyle;
  • Celebration and reinforcement of San Jacinto’s character and history;
  • Enhancement of economic development successes in the area;
  • Support for future regional transportation and transit planning objectives; and
  • Positioning the City to be highly competitive in securing future grant funding and alternative funding and financing options.

You are invited to participate in this exciting planning process by attending community workshops and offering your views on the future of your community. This website serves as the project’s main information source and will be updated with upcoming events, key project documents, and updates on the overall progress of the Specific Plan.

Your participation is important to the success of this process!

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Get Involved


Community Workshop #2:
Saturday, 9/23 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am

General Plan Health Element Workshop


Joint CC/PC Study Session #2

Community Workshop #2

Joint CC/PC Study Session #1

Community Workshop #1

Project Update


See the project schedule...

Project Schedule

  • Throughout the Process
    - Public Outreach and Community Engagement
  • January 2016
    - Baseline Conditions
  • September 2016
    - Conceptual Design Features
  • October 2016
    - Draft Specific Plan
  • November 2016
    - Final Specific Plan / Draft EIR
  • January/February 2017
    - Public Hearings
  • February 2017
    - Final EIR



Project Documents

Notice of Preparation, Environmental Impact Report for the Downtown San Jacinto Specific Plan


See what happened at the second community meeting!

See what happened at the first community meeting!



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