Landscape Lighting Park District 2

Abbreviation : LL Park District # 2
Fund No. : See Benefit Zone
Area : New Developments after April 4, 2002
Period : Indefinite
Contact Info : NBS (800) 676-7516

About this District

LL Park District # 2 (LLPD # 2) is a district formed by the City of San Jacinto in accordance with State of California, Article 4, Chapter 1, Landscaping Lighting Act of 1972, Part 2 of Division 15 of the Streets and Highways Code. LL Park District # 2 is a post proposition 218 district in which property assessments can generally be increased by up to 7.5% annually, but never more than the actual cost of the district.

LL Park District # 2 is a district, by special benefit assessments, that provides funding for: the installation, operation, maintenance, and servicing of street lights and traffic signals; the installation, maintenance and servicing of landscaped areas (parkways, medians, open space, detention/retention basins, channels etc.); the installation, operation, maintenance and servicing of municipal parks; the installation, operation, maintenance and servicing of other drainage facilities; graffiti removal from horizontal and vertical surfaces which are appurtenant to the above items; all of which are located in public rights-of-way or easements in the district.

All new developments, on or after April 4, 2002, must be annexed into LLPD # 2. LLPD # 2 was created to provide the City with a more stable source of revenue to maintain parks, greenbelts, dedicated right of ways, storm drains, retention basins. In addition, LLPD # 2 was created with the theory that "all new development must pay its own way". In other words, the cost of maintaining new public facilities (parks, greenbelts, street lights, traffic signals, storm drains etc.) should be borne by the property owners of the new developments and that additional new cost to the City should not be subsidized by the current population of San Jacinto. New developments annexed into LLPD # 2 are divided into benefit zones that generally follow new development tracts. The cost assessed to the property owners in a benefit zone is directly proportionate to the benefit received. 100% of the funds received from the property owners in a benefit zone will be used in the same benefit zone. Due to limited City General Funds, maintenance districts were formed to provide funding for parks, green belts, street lights, traffic signals, graffiti removal. The cost cannot be greater than the benefit received, as determined by the Annual Assessment Engineer's Report. The amount assessed by the City to the property owners cannot be increased above the adjusted annual maximum amount without the vote of the property owners affected.