Assessment District 87-1

Abbreviation : AD 87-1
Fund No. : 68-2805
Area : Soboba Improvement District
Bonds Issued : Yes
Bonds Mature : 2006
Contact Info : NBS Government Finance Group (800) 676-7516

About this District

Assessment District 87-1 is a 1915 Act Assessment District, formed in 1987 for the purpose of providing funds for infrastructure improvements in the Soboba Improvement area. Bonds in the amount of $1,415,000 were issued to pay for the improvements. Those property owners that elected not to pay the full assessment in 1987 are levied an annual assessment until the anticipated bond maturity in 2006. AD 87-1 is a lien against the property until the assessment is paid in full, including any penalties and interest. In accordance with California Streets and Highways Code, property owners paying their assessment over the life of the bond issue may pay off the assessment in advance at any time or may tender 87-1 bonds in payment of their assessment.

The bond debt of Assessment District 87-1 is not a debt of the City of San Jacinto, but is a debt of the district itself. All assessments paid by the property owners are used to pay interest to bondholders and redeem bond principle as it matures. Bond Offering Statement and Original Engineer's report is NOT available on the Digital Assurance Certification website at this time.

Bond Offering Statement on AD 87-1 :
Not available at this time

Original Engineer's Report on AD 87-1 :
Not available at this time