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Public Works is dedicated to providing efficient and effective oversight to many essential City services and keeping the physical resources of municipal government functioning.

San Jacinto residents and businesses depend on the many behind-the-scenes services performed by Public Works staff, including: assistance call center, street maintenance, storm drain/basin maintenance, street sweeping, solid waste, park and LLPD maintenance, graffiti eradication, water production/storage distribution, wastewater collection, public right-of-way maintenance and various special projects.

The responsibilities of Public Works are those that impact our citizens lives on a daily basis. During times of local emergencies, such as windstorms or flooding from rainstorms, our dedicated workers do the job to keep the City of San Jacinto running safely and protecting our quality of life.

The Public Works Department has four divisions:

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Department of Public Works
270 Bissell Pl.
San Jacinto, CA 92582
(951) 654-4041

Office Hours
6:30 am – 5 pm
Monday – Thursday
Closed Friday

Report a Problem
Send us an email to:
• report graffiti
• report a pothole
• report a streetlight

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