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Commercial Cannabis Cultivation
Look here for all of the information and permits needed for commercial cultivation of cannabis in the City of San Jacinto.

Here are the current projects under evaluation.

Santa Jacinto River Levee Stage 4 Corridor Expansion
The proposed project is a City Public Works and Public Safety project consisting of the construction and subsequent maintenance of a new levee and associated improvements. The proposed project constitutes the expanded implementation of the 1975 Flood Control Master Plan for the Lower San Jacinto River Basin.

San Jacinto Solar Energy Project
Aries Solar Holding, LLC, proposes to construct, operate, maintain, and ultimately decommission the San Jacinto Solar Energy Project in San Jacinto, California. The Project would involve a fixed tilt photovoltaic (PV) solar power generation facility, capable of delivering up to 29 megawatts alternating current (MWAC) electricity, on approximately 142 acres.
Case Withdrawn 1/2016.


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Planning Division
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