The Engineering Division works hand-in-hand with other development-related divisions in the development process. More specifically, they provide:

  • Development plan review, final map and plan check services
  • Design and inspection of City improvement projects.
  • Public right-of-way information
  • Needs for encroachment
  • Construction permits
  • Requests for grading and street improvement inspections

See the the presentation by the City Engineer, Habib Motlagh, to the City Council on 2/21/08:

2008-09 Capital Improvement Program

The City Engineer’s Office is pleased to present the City of San Jacinto Capital Improvement Program (CIP). (All files updated 10/01/08)

The complete CIP is also available as a single file:

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Habib Motlagh
City Engineer

595 S. San Jacinto Ave.
Building A
(951) 654-3592